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In 2016, I was desperately looking for work. I had a bachelor's degree but was fresh out of the military with no experience. The only work I found was construction. Then I met Chuk. Within a few weeks, I had an interview and was hired. Chuk helped me when nobody else would. This is why I am writing this. Please put your trust in this man. You won’t regret it. 

Jacob Perez

Law School Student

I met Chuk in 2014 and worked with him in the office for 5 years. Chuk was very insightful in helping me with any situation I might have needed help with. He is a very determined and encouraging person. He has helped me spruce up my resume to keep it up to date for work purposes. He has also given me life advice when I needed some direction on decision making for the future. As time has shown we have stayed in touch and become good friends. Thanks for all your hard work and friendship.

Sonya Garcia

IT Analyst

The Atum Group was awesome in helping me with my recent job search and ultimate placement with a great company. I worked with Chuk--he put my resume in front of the right people and applied his extensive knowledge to help me successfully negotiate the career that I desired/deserved. He cared about me as a person, and not just as a candidate or commission source. I can't recommend the Atum Group highly enough, and whenever I'm in the job market again, they will be the first call I make! 

Anthony Pryor

Senior Project Manager
San Antonio, TX

The Atum Group was very instrumental in helping me with my recent job search and ultimate placement with a great company. I worked with Chuk-and he was fantastic-he put my resume in front of the right people and applied his excellent extensive knowledge to help me successfully negotiate the career that I desired and deserved. He cared about me as a person and my profession, and not just as a candidate or commission source. I can't recommend Chuk and The Atum Group highly enough, and if I'm in the job market again, Chuk and his team will be the first I call. Thank you again Shimetra Bethley, MBA

Shimetra Bethley

Project Accountant

I've known Chuk for four years and have come to know him as a great friend, a great patriot, a great employment resource, and someone you can depend on. Chuk is very knowledgeable about the job market and what avenues he'll need to explore to get you the job you're looking for. On top of that, he's got a great attitude, very cordial, fun to talk to, and you'll enjoy the time you spend with him while he's on the job hunt for you.

Tony Jasek

Senior Environmental Scientist

I was first working in a job that I had mastered and was looking for something different. After meeting Chuk, through his wife with whom I was on a military assignment with, Chuk helped me revise my resume. Then he made sure the right companies received it and subsequently, I now work in a slightly different field but still Administration work, which is what I have done for the last 15 years. I am extremely happy with the new job Chuk helped me to obtain. Kudos to him and his company. Great place to get the help you need.

Anthony Fowlkes

Privacy Workflow Manager

Chuk and I worked together in Iraq in 2009. We mentored Iraqi police chiefs and trained Iraqi police officers. Chuk is confident and always follows through on his word. I’m proud to call him a friend to this day.

Shannon Edison

Retired Police Officer

After retiring from the military, I was working for a company that undervalued my skill set and didn't provide many promotion opportunities. So I began to seek other employment. Shortly after my search began, I was introduced to Chuk through a friend. Within weeks Chuk helped place me in a new opportunity with a great company. I now enjoy going to work every day for a company that offers great benefits and promotion opportunities. Thanks to Chuk and the Atum Group, life is good. 

Torry Winfrey 

Project Coordinator

"Thought, Word, Action, Manifestation. We don't always remember what people say, but we remember how they make us feel. Chuk recruited me for an incredible opportunity, and years later I will never forget the way the conversation left me. Chuk is one of those people who leaves you the sparks of an energizing interchange that you know will somehow lead to fruition, development and success. He leads his charge with excitement and gratitude, and the success is contagious. The opportunities that Chuk recruited me for years ago have since developed into a network of rewarding relationships that have woven together to become my very cherished work community. This makes Chuk a community builder. For this reason, I cannot recommend enough working with Atum Group."

Tamara Say

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Chuk was genuine when I first met him and he's even more generous now that I have known him for just under 2 years. He was very helpful in my employment with Cherokee Nation Businesses, in which I was successful during my time at AFCEC. Since then, we have maintained a bond. As a creative, I am pleased with the visual setup and how user-friendly his website is displayed. I wish you the best with your business and future endeavors. Cheers! AmbitiousVillain.com

Clayton Callender

Photographer @ Ambitious Villain www.ambitiousvillain.com

After transitioning out of the military, I struggled finding a company who valued my skill set. Chuk was able to connect me with a great company that both values my worth and compensates it. I am able to contribute to a great organization once again. Chuk is an outstanding professional who enjoys helping people and treats you with the respect everyone deserves. Thank you Chuk!

Mario Cerda

Workflow Manager

I liked Chuk the second I met him. He has that way with people. His drive and integrity are unsurpassed. I know he will be able to excel with your employment needs.

Marc Haga

Senior Geologist

I had the pleasure of meeting Chuk in the Fall of 2019, he reached out to me to discuss an opportunity which would allow me to showcase my abilities & skillset as a Master Scheduler. I could tell he was passionate about finding positions where people could add value and had a purpose. With his guidance I was able to land the perfect position where my qualifications were needed and I owe that all to Chuk. It always helps when someone believes in you as a person.

Joslyn Gantt

Master Scheduler

I met Chuk thru a friend in 2018 after I had been laid off. I was struggling to find a job. Chuk was very helpful and supportive in providing feedback, suggestions and insights with my job search. I will always be grateful to Chuk for listening and providing such wonderful support during a very difficult time for me. I highly recommend Chuk. He truly cares about people and their well-being.

Kimberly Flores

Project Manager 

First things first, Chuk Atum is a great professional. But not only that, he is a great human being with plenty of experience and really nice to deal with. I'd definitely recommend him and will keep him in mind when looking for my next professional move.

Juan Gomez

Asset and O&M Manager, OCI Solar Power

Chuk was very easy to work with, and provided tons of support during proposal recruiting efforts - before AND after project/contract awards. He was always extremely responsive, and worked extensively with project managers to pinpoint exact position requirements, identify viable candidates, and secure potential hires for hard-to-fill positions - all with a smile and personable attitude.

Shauna Jones

Corporate Proposal Manager 

I had the pleasure of meeting Chuk when I joined Ageiss back in 2018 as the AFIMSC Installation Support Workflow Specialist. Chuk is different from other recruiters in that he ensures he follows through in helping you land a position. He did this with me when I PCS’d to Tyndall AFB with my husband. All it took was a phone call. I am forever grateful for Chuk keeping me in mind as the Tyndall Reconstruction contracts came into fruition. Chuk is straight to the point and thanks to him, I’m in a fulfilling role making an impact with my team to ensure Tyndall is on its way to being rebuilt. Chuk is an altruistic person that wants to help people and this is why Chuk will continue to excel in the recruiting field.

Ana Schneski

Knowledge & Data Manager

I can’t say enough about Chuk Atum and his company! I’ve known Chuk a very long time. He was actually the HR Manager at a company I used to work for. Now that I’m the HR Manager for another company, I knew exactly who could help us with our hiring needs. Finding high caliber architects and engineers is sometimes difficult in this climate. He met with us, assessed our needs and has been extremely proactive. His fees are also much less than other recruiting companies like Robert Half or Aston Carter. He took all the work off my shoulders so I don’t have to spend hours combing through resumes and scheduling numerous interviews. Chuk and his group offer excellent service and value!

Michelle Grenier

Human Resources Manager

Chuk is very professional, attentive to details, and has a comprehensive knowledge of several career fields, from engineering to marketing to construction management or environmental science – he always finds the perfect match for every recruiting need. He follows up and follows through, and it makes my job easier knowing that I don’t have to worry about the recruiting process or the quality of the candidates he presents to our firm. I highly recommend him!

Ana Sanders

Corporate Proposal Manager

Professionalism, customer service, staffing at its finest! ATUM GROUP RECRUITING is the pillar of excellence above any company I have seen. Thank you again ATUM GROUP RECRUITING for your superior service regarding my staffing needs. Chuk, A special thanks to you from my entire staff, you were awesome with expert and comprehensive knowledge of several career fields and recruitment placement!

Elaine Weaver

Business Management Analyst - Department of Defense

After being in the military for 21 years, the transition into the civilian job search felt as if I would never find a job. Mr. Chuk Atum called me about a job opportunity and was a true professional. Mr. Atum assured me about his company background and said that he would get back to me about any job opportunities. Not only did Mr. Atum follow up with a phone call, but he followed through with emails. Due to COVID and everything that our economy is going through, it was nice to have someone go above and beyond with customer service and professionalism. Thank you, Mr. Atum .... your kindness has blessed my life more than you know.

Rachel Bowers

Workflow Manager

The contract at the company that I worked at was coming to an end and being accompanied by inevitable layoffs that I did not look forward to. I loved my job and my coworkers so it was sad to see it end. However, I understood that there were many jobs available on online job sites that where I would at least get one interview, so I was not too worried, until months passed and not one company contacted me. I contacted their recruiters and they said to be patient. Then one day, out of the blue, I heard from the Atum Group and Chuk sent me one job posting that shocked me. The post listed every single job description that perfectly matched my experience. I had to call Chuk immediately and thank him for finding this job and I could tell that he loves helping people and connecting people to jobs that they love. I do have an interview next week so I’m very excited about it and hoping I get the job (that will be based on me). After speaking with Chuk on the phone, I knew he would be able to help other friends of mine and they were able to connect with him as well. Chuk listens carefully, pays attention to detail and because he understands the company’s needs and the potential job candidate's needs, he can easily make the connection and make things happen. He is a true rain maker!! I’m so grateful that he contacted me and helped me with this job search and I am confident that he can help you too. Best wishes to all!!

Maria Barajas

Environmental Chemist

Chuk is unique among headhunters and recruiters. He actually cares about his clients. He is extremely competent and works diligently to find positions where his clients will shine. I highly recommend that anyone looking for employment in the San Antonio metro area contact Chuk.

Cathy Askia

Master Gardener

Chuk is a true natural at his job. He is a great conversationalist and is able to use his decorated career to relate to potential job candidates. I could have spoke with him for hours and not even noticed. It is rare that you find someone as professional and passionate about life and helping others as Chuk. Truly one of a kind.

Jacob Spuck

Senior Project Manager

Collaborating with Chuk was amazing. He was very respectful and professional during the entire interview process. He gave me plenty of time to answer more detailed questions to show that I had the experience for the position. The Company was ready to move forward with my application and wanted to present my qualifications to the client. Unfortunately, I had to stop the process at this point, I could not find local support for my special need’s children in the community that I would move to for this position. Again, Chuk gave me plenty of time to do research so that I did not make a bad move for my family. Really wished that this part had worked out, I would have loved to work with an organization that is this respectful and understanding

Jacob Wilcock

Mechanical Engineer

Chuk was very helpful to get me a job. I had been out of work for a few months.  Chuk told me to send him my resume and he would help me find a job. He knew my work schedule would have to be flexible since I have children, he was able to find me a job that worked with my schedule. I am excited to be able to have a work/home life balanced job! He was also able to get me a higher salary which is a huge plus!.

Stephanie Leal 

Workflow Specialist 

One of the kindness people I know and always remembers me no matter how long it’s been. I have so much appreciation for Mr. Chuk Atum!

Dalia Aponte-Castillo

Business Owner - Cool Beans Cafe'


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