We are former Military (USMC & U.S. Army) & Law Enforcement Veterans Offering, Professional Talent Consulting Services

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Atum Group Inc. Talent Consulting Service (Direct Hire):

Is a business whose operations specialize in the Recruiting & Consulting Agency industry. Based out of San Antonio, but with an international reach, our company provides reliable services, cost-competitive prices, and knowledgeable expertise. We strive to excel in the Recruiting & Consulting Agency business by providing top-performing talent recruiting and consulting services for companies and government agencies. We match skilled professionals to vital, important roles and create long-term partnerships with companies, government agencies, and employees in the process.

We have direct access to a huge flow of professional military veteran & civilian candidates. We remain highly competitive and will maintain high standards to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Our primary focus is on assisting veterans’ transitioning from the military into civilian roles that closely fit their skill set. Since both Josie Atum (COO) and I are veterans, we are quite familiar with the military culture, customs, and courtesies. We will do our best to help your organization meet it's intended goals and objectives.

Our Direct Hire Professionals are ready to join your organization and start a new life, a new career, a new beginning. Let us help you, help them with this transition. We can all win in the process.

We provide services to federal agencies and private sector clients in all 50 States, U.S. Territories, and numerous International locations. We take pride in what we do and how we do it. Our aim is to always be the best. We understand that life oftentimes throws us many challenges. This is why Atum Group, Inc. remains flexible and always willing to assist you in meeting your goals and objectives.

Let us help you achieve your goals!

About Us

We are a Veteran and Minority-owned business built upon professionalism, integrity, and dependability. Atum Group, Inc. brings along more than 24 years of professional recruiting experience.

Atum Group, Inc.

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