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What We Do!

Do you hate wasting time with unqualified candidates?

U.S. Marine veteran, Police Officer, Detective (gangs & narcotics), Counterterrorism specialist, human resources & recruiting professional, and now, acting as a bridge between top performing professionals and organizations with hiring needs. 

You deserve superior customer service and someone who is able to find you the top talent you've been searching for.

As the CEO and the #1 Recruiter in the Environmental, Engineering, Logistics, Financial, EOD, GIS, Construction, and Administrative Industries, we focus on placing highly skilled professionals in the optimum industry with the perfect balance of culture, passion, and drive. As a former Police Detective, U.S. Marine, and Counterterrorism Specialist,, I have a keen eye for detail and will turn every stone until we have identified the right candidate for the right position.

Are you a government contractor that's having a difficult time meeting your hiring objectives? You have positions to fill but no qualified candidates to fill them. we all know and understand that this can be quite costly if those positions aren't filled in a timely manner. My firm can certainly assist you in filling those vacant positions. Call us today!

Can you mirror yourself in these situations?

 Having scheduled candidates for interviews and they not show up? 
 Financial difficulty by handling the recruiting on your own? 
 Thought you found the right candidate after spending time interviewing/training them into the position and then they leave your company accepting a different position?
 Getting a bad reputation from not being able to service your clients because you don't have the right staff?

We all know the process is time-consuming and extremely frustrating!

"This is where my company, "Atum Group, Inc" comes into the picture. We are recruiting experts!"

our objective is to develop long-term successful relationships between Atum Group Inc, our clients and our placements. We are trusted in the industry to locate top-performing high caliber talent for our clients and We can do the same for you. We focus on finding you the right talent while you focus on what's important, managing your business! We would love to be a resource when the need arises. 

Let's Team Up!

We Love What We Do!

We enjoy helping others succeed in their mission.

We Make Things Happen!

Our Vision

Success Breeds Success!

To become the number one choice for top-quality former military and civilian professional talent globally.

Our Mission

"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much." Helen Keller

To excel in the Recruiting & Consulting Agency business by providing top-quality talent to government and private agencies globally. We will match skilled professionals to vital, important roles and create long-term partnerships with our clients and job seekers. We will assist transitioning military veterans and civilians in finding the career of their dream.


"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed." – Napolean Hill 

We are inspired by those who have decided to make a change for the better in this world. We help ourselves when we are inspired to help others!

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