Alexandria, VA or Oxon Hill, MD

Environmental engineer

Environmental Engineer – Alexandria, VA or Oxon Hill, MD

Our client is seeking an Environmental Engineer to support their Federal Operations in either the Alexandria, VA area or Oxen Hill, MD area. The successful candidate must specialize in water and wastewater management. As an Environmental Engineer in Water and Wastewater, you will play a crucial role in designing, implementing, and overseeing sustainable solutions for water resource management, pollution control, and wastewater treatment. Your expertise will contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment while ensuring safe and efficient water and wastewater systems.


 Water and Wastewater System Design: Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to develop, design, and optimize water supply and wastewater treatment systems, considering environmental impact and sustainability.
 Environmental Impact Assessment: Conduct thorough environmental impact assessments (EIAs) to evaluate the potential consequences of projects on natural resources, ecosystems, and public health.
 Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations related to water quality, wastewater treatment, and environmental standards. Prepare and submit necessary permits and documentation.
 Water Quality Analysis: Perform comprehensive water quality analysis, including monitoring, sampling, and data analysis to assess water quality parameters and identify potential contaminants.
 Wastewater Treatment: Design and implement efficient wastewater treatment processes, utilizing innovative technologies to minimize environmental impact and reduce pollution.
 Stormwater Management: Develop stormwater management plans and infrastructure to mitigate the effects of urban runoff and control erosion.
 Environmental Remediation: Participate in environmental remediation projects, such as the cleanup of contaminated water sources or soil, utilizing best practices and remediation techniques.
 Technical Documentation: Prepare detailed engineering reports, technical drawings, and specifications to support project planning, execution, and documentation.
 Client Interaction: Collaborate with clients, regulatory agencies, and stakeholders to address concerns, provide updates, and offer technical expertise in a clear and concise manner.


• Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering with a Professional License.


• 5+ years of engineering experience focused on stormwater and storage tank compliance.
• Demonstrated water quality knowledge of federal, state environmental legislation and regulations with focus on stormwater, wastewater, NPDES permitting and the Clean Water Act.
• Demonstrate subject matter expertise in water quality, treatment technologies, hydrology, hydrogeology, built/natural infrastructure, groundwater and stormwater modeling, and stormwater and wastewater management.
• Knowledge of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) process.
• Experience using state of the art tools and methodologies to process multi-source data sets that isolate relevant data, identify trends and problems/opportunities for solutions and build visualization and other tools to support decision-making and forecasting the future status.
• Demonstrated knowledge of DoD, Air Force and ANG knowledge.
• Excellent communication skills, including both oral and written.
• Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.
• Effective teamwork abilities.
• Commitment to environmental sustainability and protection.
• Strong knowledge of environmental regulations, standards, and permitting processes.
• Must be able to access military installations.


The Client is a seasoned veteran- and woman-owned small business providing expertise and innovation across the resilience, environmental, restoration, and compliance service sectors. Please submit a cover letter, indicating salary requirements and availability, along with your CV/resume as a PDF or Word file to [email protected]. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.